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Aron Friedman

Music being ‘a feeling’ is a cliché often propagated when describing house. However, this statement barely scratches the surface of Aron Friedman’s sound. Communicating through music, instilling a crowd with dormant emotions while skillfully crafting a vibe, Mr. Friedman makes you live his music!

Aron started spinning 12″s back in ’99, and has been cultivating his artistic development ever since. Headstrong, firm, spherical and funky are just a few assets of his mesmerizing sound. Numerous collaborations, both in the booth and in the studio, proved to be great stepping-stones over the years. That said, Friedman has always remained true to himself and the music.

Being at the cradle of legendary nights like Mono, Traffic & Crackhouse, Aron became not only a key DJ in the Amsterdam scene, but also one of its chief promoters. And the proverbial icing on this huge cake is surely his honed writing skill. Writing for organizations such as Trouw, ID&T (Sensation & Mysteryland) and Resident Advisor, enabled Friedman to gain a substantial professional knowledge and a great deal of inspiration from some of the world’s leading dj’s and producers.



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