Domstad Italo Squad + Thee J Johanz

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Domstad Italo Squad. Four well-seasoned, Utrecht bound DJ’s with a passion for disco from the era of neon lights, synthesisers & fast sports cars.
Starting with electro connoisseur & vinyl crusader Nils. From classic Patrick Cowley to present-day Red Axes: you name it, he has it. On vinyl. Next up is silk-gloved hard hitter Drei Berge, a true jack of all trades with a profound background in (classic) house music. Record playing never looked better thanks to our third partner-in-crime. He is the Face to our A-Team, the Sonny Crocket to our Miami Vice: Dieze. Last up is our living fortress of musical knowledge: Tender Justice. Some say his wisdom of music is only surpassed by his abilty to locate hidden disco gems.

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