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The dynamic producers duo known as Pin Up Club owes its name to a popular TV show from the eighties in which ordinary housewives were encouraged to get in touchwith their sensual side. Inspired by their illustrious namesake, Amsterdam-based Josef van Galen and Jelle Imbos seduce their crowd by producing exhilarating live sets bursting with enchanting beats and filthy baselines. Even when they leave their classic synths at home, a siren song, irresistible to mere mortals, can be heard from behind the turntables, spellbinding those lucky enough to hear. Clearly apparent in their trippy, left-field sound, are the EBM and dark disco influences that caused the pair to fall in love with producing music from the very beginning.
After having started out as a one-man operation, with Josef mainly producing contemporary italo and disco, Pin Up Club truly hit their stride after the permanent addition of born musician Jelle in 2015. During the conception of their babies Friends Of The Vortex in 2017 and The Forever Machine in 2018 as EPs on Bordello A Parigi, the two realized merely producing their music in the shadows of a dark studio was no longer enough: the only logical next step was taking their mesmerizing act onto the live stage, for all to see.
The classic “your place or mine?” is a rather unnecessary question for these two gentlemen, because whether they’re playing in their own backyard at DGTL Amsterdam or far away from home in a Berlin night club like Salon Zur Wilden Renate, their crowd will want to remain under their spell until long after breakfast.

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